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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  January 12, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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this show. >> okay. >> well, we decided to host because the golden globes seem like they're pretty fun. >> yeah, we've been to them before and it's a very kind of sloppy loud party. and that seemed like our kind of thing. >> who doesn't love a sloppy, loud party, right? >> and they're going to actually help us have a sloppy loud party at home with a drinking game for the show. >> can i tell you how excited i am to see these ladies host the golden globes? this, i think, is going to be so much fun. and everyone is talking about what we can expect from them. they have kicked off this drinking game. here's some of the rules. first of all, they say any time an actress cries during the speech, have a drink. any time you see a person actively not listening to someone on stage, take a drink. any time someone says i didn't prepare anything, drink. there are going to be people, i bet you, that are doing this at home, but i do think that the ladies would tell you if you're following these rules, wear lots of layers, but also drink
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responsibly. >> thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we've got another hour coming up on "cnn saturday morning" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell, thanks for starting your day with us. and we start with lance armstrong in a new report saying he's going to come clean about taking drugs "usa today" reports he'll admit to it in an interview on monday. >> armstrong has vehemently denied using performance-enha e performance-enhancing drugs during his career and has sued people who said he did. he's already been stripped of seven tour de france titles. why come clean now? well, last hour i spoke with "usa today's" brent schottenboer. >> why is he doing this now?
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the evidence came out against him in october, and in the three months since then, he's been keeping a pretty low profile. and i think he's been deciding what to do about it. he's kind of cornered himself because for many years now he strenuously denied these doping allegations. and with all the evidence that's come out against him, it's hard to deny it anymore. and he's making a calculated decision for himself personally it's also, i think, a business decision for him because it's affecting his charity livestrong. all of his sponsors have fired him. i think when he goes out in public now, he's getting a little bit different reception than what he used to get in t t that, you know, everybody knows now that if you believe the evidence that he did dope and lie about it for many years. and so this is really a personal decision for him and also a calculated business decision for him.
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>> schrotenboer also said that armstrong is taking a big risk by admitting to doping and could face legal action as a result. we'll have much more on that angle next hour. the 66,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan may be headed home sooner than expected. afghan president hamid karzai met with president obama in washington yesterday. he and mr. obama agreed to a complete transition of combat operations by the end of 2014. president obama spoke after the meeting. >> our path is clear, and we are moving forward. every day, more afghans are stepping up and taking responsibility for their own security. and as they do, our troops will come home. and next year, this long war will come to a responsible end. >> president obama is considering keeping some troops, possibly between 3,000 to 9,000 in place after 2014 for counterterrorism and training. but only if they get immunity from prosecution. karzai signaled he may be
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willing to give in to that demand. also in washington, vice president joe biden wrapped up his meetings on gun violence. he says there's no silver bullet to solve the problem. friday, he met with producers of some of the most popular and most violent video games. call of duty and medal of honor. biden says he wasn't looking to point fingers, just looking for solutions. >> we have a problem beyond, quote, the massacre, the columbines, auroras, to connecticut. there's 10,000 people a year gunned down in our cities. different motives, different reasons. different explanations. but, you know, it's a real problem. it's serious. >> there may be room for compromise. iowa republican senator chuck grassley says he may be open to limiting high-capacity magazines. he says that move would not challenge the second amendment right to bear arms. and we'll have much more on the
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gun debate in about ten minutes. a man who many are calling a hero says he doesn't want to be called anything except teacher. it all started on thursday when a 16-year-old student walked into his school in central california with a shotgun and pockets full of ammunition. he shot one student at point-blank range. that's when 40-year-old teacher ryan heber stepped in and stood face-to-face with the gunman, gently persuaded him to put the gun down. >> this teacher and this counselor stood there face to face not knowing whether he's going to turn that shotgun on them and because they've seen the news media throughout our country in the last several months and they probably expected the worst and hoped for the best, but they gave their students a chance to escape and it worked. >> the teen was taken into police custody. police say he will be charged with attempted murder. the wounded student was taken to
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the hospital and is in critical, but stable condition. the u.s. is experiencing one of the worst and earliest starts to the flu season in years. 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity, california, mississippi, and hawaii are the only states without a widespread flu outbreak. and this season has been deadly. at least 20 children have died, including a texas couple's teenage son. >> he was scared. he said, mom, i'm scared. i said i know, buddy, i am too. and he saw me crying. he said, mom, it's going to be okay. you're going to be okay. i love you. and that's really the last really coherent things that he said to me. >> that was the mother of 17-year-old max, he died just after christmas from the flu. before he got sick, matt was a healthy, normal teenager. and joining me now is dr. jeffrey oiler from piedmont hospital here in atlanta. doctor, it's good to have you.
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and this is the scenario that scares a lot of people. because you know who is typically sensitive to the flus, the young, the old, those with compromised immune systems. but this is a healthy teenager who died from the flu out of nowhere. how rare is this? >> it's fairly rare. influenza, the main complications are respiratory and they can develop pneumonia, viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia several days into the care. so it's not uncommon. that's the main reason we recommend vaccinations to prevent these complications and prevent death. >> flu season comes around every year, right? and you get your flu shot or don't, you get the flu or you don't. but seems that this season is so much more deadly than others. what makes this one so unusual? >> the flu season every year picks up around october. this year's a little earlier.
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we're experiencing about a 20% increase in just our own emergency department visits. vaccination actually was fairly accurate with the strains selected for the vaccination, but with the other medical illnesses that individuals have, the elderly, we're seeing a tremendous increase of the volume of patients. so it's predictable, but there is a large volume of patients that did not get the vaccination this year and therefore a lot more complications. >> quantify that for us. how many more patients are you seeing at piedmont? >> about 20% to 25% more patients in our emergency department daily. we will have 30 positive influenza screens in the month of november. it ticked up to 80 in december. and we're on track in january, as well. and those are just ones we've tested. and many times it's clinically diagnosed and you may not actually do an influenza test
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it's not indicated. >> dr. oyler, can you tell us what your recommendations are for people? what medications they should take? what they should and should not do? >> clearly the vaccination is our number one recommendation for patients. get the vaccination. it still takes about two weeks after you are vaccinated before you will have immunity. the vaccination this year is around 62%, 63% accurate, in preventing influenza for those that receive it. that's our main recommendation. getting rest, avoiding co-workers. it's spread by droplets, obviously anything you can do to avoid coughing, sneezing. so frequent hand washing, and for individuals, you know, that do come down with influenza, rest at home, spare your co-workers, take time off. and let yourself recover. >> all right, dr. jeffrey oyler, a lot of common sense and then
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your expertise, we thank you for joining the conversation. >> thank you. >> good advice there. >> yeah. >> see, stay home. that's the thing, everyone wants to come to work to come to work. >> want to be a team player. we need this part of the team to stay in bed. >> exactly. >> much more ahead this hour. >> you want me to do it? >> no. here's what's coming up. forgetting where you put things? waking up in strange places? it might be thanks to your sleeping pill. why the fda is sounding an alarm. what will the white house decide when it comes to gun control? all morning long, we'll put the proposals and the pushback in focus. they're the men behind "chicago," "hairspray," and now hollywood's biggest night. our exclusive interview with the producers of the oscars. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em!
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the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> good guys with guns. that's the nra's solution to gun violence in america. they rolled that out in response to the shooting in newtown, connecticut. but is that really a solution? we're focusing on the gun debate this morning. and we can see both sides. here is the tale of two shootings.
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>> reporter: if you wonder whether or not good people armed with guns really do help prevent more gun violence, look no further than the shooting inside this san antonio theater in december. around 9:30 p.m. december 17th, 19-year-old jesus manuel garcia allegedly opened fire at the china garden restaurant. police say when the employees fled, the shooter chased after them in the parking lot firing at them. in the chaos, he also shot at a patrol car after the officers shined a light on him. >> he was having a difficult time dealing with the breakup. that's what may have set him off to come over here and commit this act. >> reporter: garcia followed the employees in the store next door. the gunman kept shooting as panicked moviegoers poured out
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the exit doors. >> i could have died, you know, i'm glad i'm okay and i have another day with my son. >> one of the fleeing patrons was wounded. but so many might have died had it had not been for a quick-thinking sergeant who was also armed. she happened to be working security at the theater and ran toward the sound of the shooting. she shot him four times. >> that was really nerve wracking. and it was -- i'm not going to lie, it was frightening. the training kicks in. >> reporter: garcia, the suspect is charged with attempted capital murder and has not yet entered plea. he survived, but more importantly, so did everyone else in that movie theater. thanks to one of the good guys with a gun. as we all know, not every shooting incident ends like the
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one in san antonio. those in favor of tighter gun controls might argue that good guy with a gun scenarios can make a bad situation even worse. take what happened in arizona january 8th, 2011 when a lone gunman opened fire at a community event. while jared lee loughner was spraying the crowd with bullets, a nearby bystander was buying cigarettes when he heard the gunfire, who was legally armed with a pistol ran to the scene. by the time he arrived, his safety was off and he was poised to fire. trouble is, he almost shot the wrong man. >> as i approached the people wrestling with him, the -- one of the other gentlemen had gotten the gun away from him. that's what i saw first was him holding the gun and i had my hand on my pistol. >> zamudio said he was
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incredibly lucky he didn't shoot. listen to what he told msnbc. >> i saw another individual holding the firearm. i assumed he was the shooter, so i grabbed his wrist and told him to drop it and forced him to drop the gun on the ground. when he did that, everybody said no, no, it's this guy. i almost shot the man holding the gun. >> the man he almost shot was the hero who had tackled the real shooter and wrestled his gun away from him. two very different shootings, two armed bystanders to the rescue and the debate continues. >> part of the debate going forward is over specific weapons. the white house is expected to push for a ban, but neither of the guns used in these shootings would fall under that ban. the suspect's glock 23 could hold as many as 17 bullets while jared la loughner's cold hold 3.
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he expects to present the policy recommendations by next tuesday. next hour, more on the debate. we'll hear from the author of the book "more guns, less crime." well, it may be the dreamliner, but all those problems might feel like a nightmare for boeing. we'll have the latest on the faa's investigation into the jet dubbed the plane of the future. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. you hmmm. let's see if walmart can help you find the same look for less. okay. see? walmart has all these leading eyewear brands and styles.
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look at this video. a couple of crooks in miami. you can see them here. they pulled off a really brazen heist this week. you can see this guy. he ties some kind of rope to an
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atm, other end to the car and pulls it off. they run off with it. they take the atm out the door. but then, these guys try to pull off the same heist at another convenience store. you see the guy here ties the tether to the atm and revs up the car and pulls at it. it's not coming out. he goes back and body slams the atm. he walks off with a bruised shoulder and police are now looking for those two. and here is a warning. don't mess with that guy, his name is peattie, the jack russell terrier scared off two gunmen who broke into his owner's home in florida. peattie jumped into action, came to her rescue. >> he was jumping up and down in that guy's face. i don't know if he was trying to bite his face or whatever.
4:24 am
>> i used to have a jack russell, this does not surprise me at all. when peattie started to bite one of the crook's ankles, they took off. >> go ahead, peattie. in business news, american airlines has filed an extension requesting more time to file its restructuring plan. american is asking for 20 days more. now, the company is working on terms with creditors as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. the airline is in talks to merge with u.s. airways. and that move would create one of the largest carriers in the country. all right, staying with airlines, boeing's dreamliner has been called the plane of the future. >> but a string of incidents involving fires, broken windows, leaking fuel, as well. that's all prompted concerns from the faa. and now an investigation has been launched. renee marsh has more. >> randi, victor, only 50 of the much talked about dreamliners are flying worldwide, including six for one u.s. airline. but with its lightweight composite body, fuel-saving
4:25 am
engines and comfortable interior, experts believe it's the plane of the future. and that's why a string of problems with the plane has captured public attention and it's why the d.o.t. took action friday. >> a week of glitches with the boeing 787 dreamliner has raised questions about safety. >> i believe this plane is safe. and i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight. >> reporter: the government is stepping in to figure out what is going on. >> we want to determine the root causes of these recent events so they won't happen again. >> the faa's newly sworn in administrator ordered a team of experts to scrutinize how the plane was assembled, how its parts were measured with an emphasis on the plane's electrical systems. >> reporter: the problems aren't in just one area or with just one plane, monday a battery fire in an auxiliary power unit in the belly of the plane, then
4:26 am
tuesday, a fuel leak because of an open valve. >> that japan air may not know it, but they've got fuel spilling out quite a bit. >> while unusual, investigators said it wasn't a problem at all. then wednesday, a problem with the braking system. friday, a crack in the cockpit window, and then fuel leaking from an engine. it raised questions about whether the faa has an efficient process of certifying planes. >> the review should continue with the faa looking at their own internal practices on how they certify aircrafts to make sure that it is keeping pace with the new modern technology airplanes that boeing's building. >> the faa says it's locked 200,000 hours of technical work on the jet and crews took numerous test flights before certifying it was safe. meantime, boeing says these problems are not unusual. >> the 787 in service performance to this point is on par with the past successful
4:27 am
commercial airplane introductions. >> united airlines, the sole u.s. carrier with the dreamliner in its fleet says it still has confidence in the aircraft. dreamliner flights will still fly and the more than 800 jet on order will be delivered without delay. >> thank you. passengers on a plane were shocked when they looked out the window mid flight and saw a snake trapped on the wing. it was actually a 9-foot long python. this happened during a flight between australia and new guinea. the snake was clinging on for dear life. could you imagine this scene? it turned out to be too much for the snake, the python was dead when the plane landed. forgetting where you put things? waking up in strange places? it might be thanks to your sleeping pill, why the fda is sounding an alarm. at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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